Saturday, April 4, 2009

America land of the free!

When our forefathers came to this country their intent was to escape the oppression of a land set up for the rich, they were searching for religious freedom and relief from tax oppression. Surprise! Surprise! Take a look around. Our taxes are out of this world; our religious freedom is under attack and our leaders hand out our hard earned money to the rich. America has lost their true beginning. As a country we are walking backwards. We should get better with time not worse. Did our forefathers labor in vain? The torch they lit we are letting it burn out! All of the sweat, blood and hard work have all been in vain! They call us a free country with the freedom of choice, only if it agrees with the rich rulers of our nation. The working class and the poor are kept in suppression while the leaders break all the rules and waste hard earned money. The so called experts are only as good as the lies they can tell. I don’t have any degree in anything and I am not an expert in any field, but this I know for a fact if you punch a hole in the bottom of a bucket you will never fill it up. This is in simple terms what our leaders have done with America. They have taken the bucket of our economy and punched a big hole in the bottom of it, and then they sit around waiting for it to fill up. Our leaders define freedom as having the right to kill an unborn child on demand without any thought of the rights of that child. Freedom is defined to them as if it feels good do it no matter how vial it is. They call wrong right and right wrong. A murderer has more rights than his victim. And that is called justice! How much longer is America going to be duped? Will we ever stand up and say enough? Our government is a 3 ring circus! (A traveling company of entertainers; including trained animals) We stand in wonderment at the confused youth of our time not able to understand their confusion. Take a long hard look around you we have people trying to teach them that marriage can be when two anything’s choose to live together. Killing babies in the womb is ok. Passing out birth control and condoms is an answerer to moral behavior. (Simple right and wrong!) Marriage is in rapid decline! Hello” if you teach that any life style constitutes marriage! The family unit as we know it is out dated. What can you expect from our youth? We hand our children liberal guidelines then we stand confused when they go wrong. When I was growing up no meant no way and yes meant yes you can! I can remember an old saying; if you give an inch they take a mile! I realize that to some this may seem too complex to understand but if you study history you will soon understand that the liberals of today are destroying America. Some would welcome a one world government. Myself I am old school, One Nation under God.